The Early Years

Ian M Pindar was born in time to a see man land on the moon, but he was so young it passed him by and it was in the middle of the night – inconsiderate! He did go to school, only because he was made to; initially Priory Road Primary, where he felt he was in a Sue Townsend novel, but uncertain of his character, not helped surrounded by genius and madness in unequal measure. Hull is a strange place and at nine he was evacuated to Setting Dyke Junior, which had a discipline policy lifted from an SS training document. Violence seemed to be an acceptable role of the Teacher, and in one year, Ian received the cane, slipper, bat, slap, Chinese torture treatment thirty-six times – and he was one of the better behaved pupils! Once for running down the stairs to the dinner queue and another time for looking at the authority figure with contempt. At least Jimmy Savile never visited. Just when he was getting the hang of it all, he was evicted to Sydney Smith High at thirteen. It was here he realised he was bright enough not to be have to be fired out of canon for a living. So his dream of being an ornithologist became a flight of fancy, as he thought he might be bright enough to be an electrician. Then a careers guru goblin informed him, “You are bright enough to go to University!” So he got him some of them there qualifications.


The Not So Early Years

So off he went to Manchester to study Science. Not forgetting the promise he had made to a silvered eagle in The Moonlit Wood sometimes in the seventies; he obtained a degree in Ecology, when it was not trendy to have a degree in all things ecological. University is not all about studying, not even sure… anyway. Life skills were handed out subtly without him even knowing it. The strange and wondrous mix of people and experiences taught him many great lessons: “middle class people are not always happy.” “The Beautiful are often damaged.” “Never pretend uncooked soya beans are peanuts in a veggie curry.” “Sometimes your dreams come true (with desirable woman) and life can be very wonderful.” “Manchester City is the only team in Manchester to support, although others are available” “Everything is an opportunity.” “Laughter and friendship are the best therapy.” All good stuff for a writer, most writers are angst and tortured – he decided that was a bit depressing and a waste of time. When he asked his Granddad in the eighties who worked as caretaker at Hull University: “What is Larkin like?” “He’s a miserable bugger!” He decided to give the black dog a wide berth.

There comes a point when you have to earn money. With this in mind Ian took a year out to; join the Foreign Legion, play professional football, read a lot of books, have fun, star in porn movies and fit kitchens. His memory is a little vague about this period. This also afforded him the chance to fill in a form that allowed him to become a Teacher. At his medical, having nothing to take his urine sample in, he washed out an old Oil of Ulay bottle and hoped the doctor would not notice the unctuous globules floating within. She did, but there was a national shortage of Science Teachers and sebum makes you stand out more!


The not so Early, Early Years and the Now Years

So with a PGCE from Sheffield, he had passport to go anywhere in the world, but where? Manchester, back to the bright lights again…

Twenty years later; kids grown, house renovated, running football teams over, and all the other life laundry, it was time for a change. He had always written sporadically instead of watching “crappy” tele. “Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true, or is it something worse?” Five books in various stages of completion from as far back as 1997; time to get them all finished and leave a legacy, just in case they don’t build a statue to him or name a day after him. So that is where he is now, writing because that is what he has wanted to do for so long, he may not do very well from it financially, but at least he will have tried… For that I salute him, if you have a dream, follow that dream, don’t watch it pass by, with you just another face in the crowd… I think he has already found his voice, something some writers never do, and in my humble opinion we are going to hear a lot more of it – let’s hope so.