Hoofing It (First in the Robert knight Series)

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In 1996, just before university, Robert and his best friend Spud hedonistically set off around Europe in their neighbour’s stolen car, with the £28,000 they have `acquired,’ forged documents, no insurance and class A’s under the bonnet. On the way to the ferry in Hull, they save the life of a young suicidal woman, Naomi, who is about to jump off the Humber Bridge. All her immediate family have tragically died in a car crash one year previous. Robert is adamant he can help rehabilitate her; but Steven wants nothing of this `Captain Freedom’ talk. Along the way they meet a beautiful smack-head – dance like the rest of the world is watching – reach a higher state of consciousness – have gratuitous sex – perpetrate sweet criminal acts – meet madness and genius – open the door to hell – have perfect moments – cry in the Vatican – have scary liaisons – get mortally challenged – blow things up and see hope boil away. Robert is not looking for love, moral enlightenment or a sense of being, but he gets them anyway… well… What more could you want from a book? Hoofing It is the debut novel by Ian M Pindar, it is a rite of passage/coming of age story and the first in a series; the second being Hoofed (set around the millennium) will be out soon. As the main character Robert Knight travels through life, we will travel with him – hop on board!

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Hoofed (Second in the Robert Knight Series)

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Tazmin and Rob’s love has endured throughout university, even though they were separated by two hundred miles. Tazmin believes finishing with him on the eve of his around the world trip will set him free, to have a better time. It is not what he wants, but he has no choice; he only wants Tazmin, but she will not leave her new job in the theatre. Will their love survive the trials and tribulations of the year; or will fate and distance conspire against them?

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Footsex of the Mind


Charlotte inexplicably finished with Felix on her last day at Lady Margaret’s College, Oxford. They had been inseparable for the last two years, and even now, seventeen years later, Felix still has no idea why she did this to him; to them? Why she so suddenly ‘quit him’. Back then he believed their love was special and forever. Devastated, he could make absolutely no sense of it.

It took him over a year and an internship with Christopher Hitchens in New York, two girlfriends and the wise words of a friend to get over her.

Felix writes his weekly column in The Sunday Times and is happily married with two children. As far as he knows Charlotte is still teaching French and Spanish at Hong Kong University.

Now, unexpectedly she is back in the country, and wants to meet up with him again–but why?

Footsex of the Mind for Kindle can be purchased here.